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Derrick Wins 
Canada Nationals
13th August 2016
Carrom Singles
Carrom Marathon 
Derrick Wins 
Carrom Marathon 
  Derrick Silveira ruled supreme in the grueling 4 months of rigorous singles competition in the Carrom Canada singles tournament. Throughout the tournament he kept his composure and kept abreast of the rest of the pack. Towards the end of the stretch though, he was beaten by Dinesh Shetty 2-1 and Anurag Chanda 2-1 making the competition more intense, but that setback did not deter him from winning the tournament comfortably. This is Derrick’s second triumph in the singles competition and this is the 3rd time he met Elango Vellusamy in the final round. In last year's final, Elango beat Derrick, however in the previous encounter Derrick had beaten him in the final. 
   Elango who also had a chance to claim the title succumbed in the last few rounds playing substandard carrom. His last scheduled game against Derrick should have been a finale, however it became a match Derrick had to just show up. Derrick was way ahead to clinch the title, that he could afford losing the match and collect just 3 points against Elango to win the championship, however, Derrick with no pressure won the match comfortably winning 2-0.  
   Shad Ahmed, a table tennis player converted to the the game of carrom a few years ago, had his best performance since, finishing runner-up ... an amazing feat.  Shad who led the table for most of the tournament dropped his crucial game to Anurag, and Sylvester D’Souza added to his woes by getting some points from him which nullified any chances of him clinching the title, if Derrick had to lose his last game to Elango.
   Anurag Chanda came back firing towards the end by winning all his 3 tough games, but the losses he occurred earlier were detrimental for his title claim. Anurag finished level with Shad, both on points and set points, but the score difference put him in the 3rd place. 
   Sanjeevan Selladurai who also lost 3 matches was pretty consistent and ended up in the 4th place. 
   Balachandran Dandapani had a big say in the standings of some of the players. He beat Elango comfortably which cost Elango his berth on the top and he almost toppled Derrick losing a tight encounter 1-2. He started his campaign well by defeating the new talent Abhinandan Chikkam.
Abhinandan Chikkam vs Anurag 24-15,23-17, vs Balachandran 0-25,13-25, vs Derek 25-0,25-0, vs Derrick 6-25,19-21, vs Dinesh 25-9,24-10, vs Elango 24-17,20-15, vs Madhukar 25-7,25-9, vs Mohan 25-4,25-9, vs Rehan 25-13,25-9, vs Sanjeevan 10-25,8-19, vs Shad 5-25,5-20, vs Sylvester 25-6,25-6
Anurag Chanda vs Abhinandan 15-24,17-23, vs Balachandran 20-16,21-12, vs Derek 25-8,22-16, vs Derrick 21-14,7-25,22-13, vs Dinesh 5-25,16-10,7-12, vs Elango 23-16,13-20,0-25, vs Madhukar 25-11,25-10, vs Mohan 25-21,23-10, vs Rehan 25-0,25-4, vs Sanjeevan 25-0,18-12, vs Shad 13-17,24-16,25-8, vs Sylvester 25-0,25-0
Balachandran Dandapani vs Abhinandan 25-0,25-13, vs Anurag, 16-20,12-21, vs Derek 25-0,25-0, vs Derrick 11-25,19-12,15-25, vs Dinesh 8-21,11-21, vs Elango 23-22,25-4, vs Madhukar 11-13,19-12,20-5, vs Mohan 23-14,17-19,25-11, vs Rehan 25-5,25-7, vs Sanjeevan 0-25,24-6,5-22, vs Shad 7-25,15-25, vs Sylvester 25-0,25-0
Derek DSouza vs Abhinandan 0-25,0-25, vs Anurag 8-25,16-22, vs Balachandran 0-25,0-25, vs Derrick 1-25,2-25, vs Dinesh 17-20,8-19, vs Elango 16-13,11-21,8-25, vs Madhukar 21-14,9-23,25-2, vs Mohan 0-25,0-25, vs Rehan 0-25,0-25, vs Sanjeevan 17-17,21-17,0-25, vs Shad 15-18,0-25, vs Sylvester 19-16,21-2
Derrick Silveira vs Abhinandan 25-6,21-19, vs Anurag, 14-21,25-7,13-22, vs Balachandran 25-11,12-19,25-15, vs Derek 25-1,25-2, vs Dinesh 19-20,13-25, vs Elango 20-13,25-10, vs Madhukar 25-5,25-5, vs Mohan 25-5,25-5, vs Rehan 25-0,25-4, vs Sanjeevan 21-6,21-15, vs Shad 25-6,21-14, vs Sylvester 25-0,25-0
Dinesh Shetty vs Abhinandan 9-25,10-24, vs Anurag, 25-5,10-16,12-7, vs Balachandran 21-8,21-11, vs Derek 20-17,19-8, vs Derrick 20-19,25-13, vs Elango 12-21,15-24, vs Madhukar 25-0,23-15, vs Mohan 17-10,25-3, vs Rehan 21-8,25-2, vs Sanjeevan 25-16,11-25,18-22, vs Shad Ahmed 4-25,1-25, vs Sylvester 25-0,25-7
Elango Pandian vs Abhinandan 17-24,15-20, vs Anurag, 16-23,20-13,25-0, vs Balachandran 22-23,4-25, vs Derek 13-16,21-11,25-8, vs Derrick 13-20,10-25, vs Dinesh 21-12,24-15, vs Madhukar 19-9,19-17, vs Mohan Das 23-1,25-4, vs Rehan Nayyer 25-0,21-2, vs Sanjeevan 25-18,15-23,15-21, vs Shad Ahmed 25-4,17-14, vs Sylvester 24-12,22-7
Madhukar Kelkar vs Abhinandan 7-25,9-25, vs Anurag, 11-25,10-25, vs Balachandran 13-11,12-19,5-20, vs Derek 14-21,23-9,2-25, vs Derrick 5-25,5-25, vs Dinesh 0-25,15-23, vs Elango 9-19,17-19, vs Mohan 5-23,5-25, vs Rehan 25-10,25-6, vs Shad 3-25,20-24, vs Sylvester 25-13,25-7
Mohan Vellusamy vs Abhinandan 4-25,9-25, vs Anurag, 21-25,10-23, vs Balachandran 14-23,19-17,11-25, vs Derek 25-0,25-0, vs Derrick 5-25,5-25, vs Dinesh 10-17,3-25, vs Elango 1-23,4-25, vs Madhukar 23-5,25-5, vs Rehan 25-5,25-1, vs Sanjeevan 8-20,15-11,15-16, vs Shad 6-24,1-25, vs Sylvester 25-10,21-13
Rehan Nayyer vs Abhinandan 13-25,9-25, Rehan Nayyer vs Anurag, 0-25,4-25, vs Balachandran 5-25,7-25, vs Derek 25-0,25-0, vs Derrick 0-25,4-25, vs Dinesh 8-21,2-25, vs Elango 0-25,2-21, vs Madhukar 10-25,6-25, vs Mohan Das 5-25,1-25, vs Sanjeevan 8-22,0-25, vs Shad 0-25,4-25, vs Sylvester 22-16,19-15
Sanjeevan Selladurai vs Abhinandan 25-10,19-8, vs Anurag, 0-25,12-18, vs Balachandran 25-0,6-24,22-5, vs Derek 17-17,17-21,25-0, vs Derrick 6-21,15-21,0-0, vs Dinesh 16-25,25-11,22-18, vs Elango 18-25,23-15,21-15, vs Madhukar 15-9,18-22,25-16, vs Mohan 20-8,11-15,16-15, vs Rehan 22-8,25-0, vs Shad 25-19,7-25,17-25, vs Sylvester 17-18,25-0,25-0
Shad Ahmed vs Abhinandan 25-5,20-5, vs Anurag, 17-13,16-24,8-25, vs Balachandran 25-7,25-15, vs Derek 18-15,25-0, vs Derrick 6-25,14-21, vs Dinesh 25-4,25-1, vs Elango 4-25,14-17, vs Madhukar 25-3,24-20, vs Mohan 24-6,25-1, vs Rehan 25-0,25-4, vs Sanjeevan 19-25,25-7,25-17, vs Sylvester 25-0,21-6
Sylvester DSouza vs Abhinandan 6-25,6-25, vs Anurag, 0-25,0-25, vs Balachandran 0-25,0-25, vs Derek 16-19,2-21, vs Derrick 0-25,0-25, vs Dinesh 0-25,7-25, vs Elango 12-24,7-22, vs Madhukar 13-25,7-25, vs Mohan 10-25,13-21, vs Rehan 16-22,15-19, vs Sanjeevan 18-17,0-25,0-25, vs Shad -25,6-21
   In Dinesh Shetty Carrom Canada have a good talent, but his risky shot selection creates opportunity to his opponents and his downfall. He could have easily won some of the games he lost, which would have put him in the running for top honours. But the question is, will he change his game to win?
   Madhukar Kelkar a fatherly figure for Carrom Canada proved that age does not matter and he had guys like Anurag, Derek D’Souza and Sanjeevan on the ropes in most of the matches.
   Derek D’Souza, an intelligent player from Mississauga had a good tournament and toppled Elango’s plans by almost beating him in his penultimate match. Derek lost to Elango 1-2.
   Chiwah Yee who has played carrom against the likes of V.Sangam in Mumbai, was late to participate and so too Ishan Mohammed due to work commitment. Ishan recently on his holidays to India won a district tournament in Bihar. Tommy Lawrence another competitive player was away on a long holiday and skipped the tournament.
Elected on 28th Nov 2014
Managing Committee:
Francis D'Costa - President
Shad Ahmed - VP-Technical & Selection
Hussain Alavi - VP-Promotion
Sylvester D'Souza - Secretary
Derrick Silveira - Treasurer
Each VP will have his sub-committee
Technical & Selection Sub Committee
Anurag Chanda
Sanjeevan Selladurai
Derek D'Souza