Bringing back memories
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2nd Jun 2016
   Amica Retirement Home residents at 4620 Kimbermount, Mississauga had an awesome experience in learning the game of carrom they had never encountered before.
  Apparently, they were looking forward to this sport for over a year, as one of Carrom Canada’s formidable player Dinesh Shetty had been passing the “Carrom” buzz word to them on a regular basis.
     Dinesh who is the Director of Culinary Services at Amica, was the brain child of setting the promotion of this sport at Amica’s recreation room. Credit should also go to Tanya Kooger, General Manager of Amica, who very sportingly welcomed this novel idea. The game was very well accepted, so much so that the Bingo coordinator joking commented that the bingo session lost a lot of their players due to carrom being played simultaneously.
     It was a tremendous feeling to Carrom Canada’s officials, Derek D’Souza, Madhukar Kelkar and Francis D’Costa. They had an emotional experience in the response they received from the enthusiastic seniors trying to get the understanding of the game for the first time. In fact, they promptly requested their general manager to get a board for them to play.
     Before we could set up the boards the recreation room was buzzing with interested seniors and the turn out who actually tried their skills was over 25. Whether they came in on a wheelchair, walked in with a walker or strolled in, they had a memorable time, sporting the Carrom Canada Caps provided by Carrom Canada.
     Prior to this Carrom Canada had numerous community events and this one will certainly be a memorable one. Thanks to Amica Retirement Home Residents for making this possible.
Amica Love Carrom
Amica Love Carrom
With Tanya Kooger, General Manager