Bringing back memories
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11th Apr 2016
   Carrom Canada would like to acknowledge Veedu Living for supporting the promotion of Carrom in Markham, Canada. Veedu Living’s Home and Garden Show held on the 9th and 10th of April 2016 at the Markham Fair Grounds was a huge success. Thousands of consumers braving the chilly weather found exciting deals and took home tons of informative facts for better living.
Thank You Veedu Living
Thank You Veedu Living
   OHM Developments a huge reputable builder and the main sponsor had a very successful promotion and sold out 3 projects containing over 15 homes per project in 2 days. That's the impact this event had on the consumers. Mr. Kannan Kanagiah, President & CEO and a huge supporter in the community, made time from his busy schedule to be at the show speaking to his potential buyers and endorsing his support to this exhibition. Paul Lafrance a celebrity designer and HGTV host was the keynote speaker, showed some innovative back yard and home designs which awed the audience. He emphasized that such home improvements can enhance the value of the home. Mark Weisleder, Real Estate lawyer, spoke on the “dos and don’ts” for selling and buying homes. He is a prominent speaker and has appeared on a number of TV shows. Another, reputable lawyer Abi Singham and also a show sponsor, had a huge booth educating consumers. Ajax NS Dental another sponsor had a large presence too. Gigantic corporate firms, such as TD Bank, CIBC, Bell, were part of over 70 vendors there to support, educate and promote themselves.

   Amidst all these grand displays, showing home improvements, safety measures, savings on home costs, investment opportunities, lower mortgage rates, what were Carrom Canada doing there? Yes, Carrom Canada’s presence brought in childhood memories for the hundreds who visited the booth, memories which they recalled playing this game with their parents in a typical family ambience. And, many have made up their minds in purchasing a board to start this tradition again with their kids. Carrom Canada also tapped on corporate interest and hopefully expect them to lend their helping hand to promote this game by way of financial sponsorship. Carrom Canada got the attention of the most popular Asian television channel in Ontario – ATN. Asian Television Network were excited with this idea and interviewed Francis D’Costa, President of Carrom Canada. ATN executive Mr. Sujal has expressed his willingness to support carrom as and when its feasible for them to incorporate it in their news segment. Rukhsan Para, Chairman of Board at Youth & Parent Association liked this idea and approached Carrom Canada to be present at a forthcoming event.
​   Also present and the chief guest was Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti, who expressed his support to the community and appreciated the efforts put in by Veedu Living for the residents. He presented mementos to the organizers for doing a selfless job in showcasing this inaugural show. Ms. Nirmala Armstrong, the regional councillor and a live wire in Markham administration was also present and visited the Carrom Canada booth and recalled her childhood passion. In fact, she promptly uploaded a carrom action picture on the Facebook to promote the sport. She will hold a meeting with Francis to discuss further plans. Another interesting personality Ash Silva, Speaker, Author and owner of Next Century Publishing was completely overwhelmed with the setup and committed to the development of the game he too played in his growing up days. Mr. Kanagiah of OHM, has also shown interest in this game and hopefully a corporation like OHM Developments can do a world of good for Carrom Canada. Celebrity Chef Ramanaa, who was also one of the sponsors of the
show, was also excited and was keen in playing a few boards, but due to his commitment in coordinating the show could not find time to sit and play. The individual to be acknowledged is undoubtedly Muraly Srinarayanathas, the master of ceremony for the event. He flawlessly went through his routine coordinating the entertainment part; be it presenting speakers, having question and answer sessions with various knowledgeable vendors, giving away countless number of prizes to lucky winners, or simply promoting the various corporations. Kudos to Muraly for a terrific job on both the days.
   Speaking on selfless job, Theepan Balasubramaniam, Logan Srianandan, Muraly Srinarayanathas and Thay Shanmugaratnam, although having their booths at the show, were never found at their booths, but all over the exhibition area ensuring everything was going as per plans. Theepan is a successful realtor with Century 21, Logan is a mortgage planner with Mortgage Architects, Muraly is the founder of Computek College a 25-year institution and Thay is an IT Portfolio Consultant. 
   Shad Ahmed, Vice President, of Carrom Canada and a vital person to the development of carrom in Canada was extremely satisfied with the response specially when it was more a corporate drawn event. Whilst, Canada’s top players, Elango Vellusamy, Sanjeevan Selladurai and Mohanathas Vellusamy were on hand along with Shad to show skills to onlookers.  

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