Sion Dynamites won the inaugural team championship carrom tournament held in Markham, Ontario in an unusual manner.Their opponents in the finals AC4 had couple of their players wanting to leave early, thus conceded a walk-over to the Sion Dynamites.The Dynamites had beaten AC4 in the league phase 2-1. 
The tournament was represented by 5 teams of 4 players each, playing 2 singles and a doubles match.It was played on a league cum knock-out basis, giving each team and players at least 4 matches to play.All leagues matches were restricted to be played over 4 boards and the highest score after 4 boards determined the winner.

In the league phase the Sion Dynamites won all their 4 matches ended up with 8 points, followed by AC4 with 6 points, BC4 with 4 points, Gentlemen with 2 points and Markham Strikers going pointless. 

Atul Bhave ended an impressive run winning all his 4 singles matches for the Dynamites, whilst Wajahat Mohammed won all his 3 singles, but also played in the winning cause with Moaz Shaikh in a doubles match. Francis D'Costa who partnered with Desmond Silveira to strategically strengthen the doubles combination won all their matches with ease giving their opponents a meager 6 points over 5 games, despite both displaying subpar performance. Moaz ShaikhManuel Coelho and Derrick Silveira played their singles matches extremely well.

The semi finals were played over 8 boards and again the highest score after 8 boards winning the match. In the first semi finals, the Sion Dynamites beat Gentlemen 2-1. Atul Bharve beating Tino Pinto 25-13, Derrick losing to Manuel Coelho 13-25, and Francis and Desmond easing cruising past Vitus Gomes and Christopher Lobo 19-2. 

In the other semi AC4 beat their junior outfit BC4 2-1. Wajahat beating Misbah Khan 10-4 in a close encounter, Moaz easily overcoming Nayeem Rahman 25-6 and Hassan Javeed and Abdul Qadeer going down to Sahad Ahmed and Mateen Mohammed 15-25.

Sanjeevan Selladurai playing for Markham Strikers, had a poor tournament winning 1 match. His surprise loss to veteran Hassan Javeed of AC4, came in the very first match and he did not recover from that loss.
Sion Dynamites
The winners - SION DYNAMITES - Desmond Silveira, Derrick Silveira, Atul Bharve & Francis D'Costa
The Runners-Up - Cougar A - Abdul Qadir, Moaz Shaikh, Mohammed Hassan & Wajahat Mohammed
The fourth placed - GENTLEMEN - Manuel Coelho, Vitus Gomes, Tino Pinto & Chris Lobo
The third placed - Cougar B - Mohsin, Misbah Khan & Mateen Mohammed (Missing Nayeem Rahman & Shad Ahmed)