Shad takes early lead
Shad takes early lead
     Shad Ahmed took an early lead in the Carrom Canada Singles Tournament. This league competition will be played over a period of 3 months, on a best of 3 game format and every game will be refereed. 
     Shad continued to be the overall leader after 2 weeks of play, which involved quite a few matches going to the wire. Dinesh Shetty defeated Anurag Chanda in the 8th board of the 3rd game. Dinesh however, was earlier beaten by Shad and also lost to Sanjeevan Selladurai in a tight 3 game contest.  
     Derrick Silveira and Elango (Pandian) Vellusamy who had won a tournament each, last year had mixed fortunes. Derrick lost his game to Dinesh, after beating Sanjeevan in yet another close contest. Whilst, Elango on the other hand although not in his prime form won all his 3 games.
     At the end of 2 rounds of play, Shad, Elango, Anurag and Dinesh have 6 points each.
     Much is expected of Abhinandhan Chikkam a new recruit and junior Chandigarh player, who due to job commitment has not yet started his campaign. Ishan Mohammed, who recently won a district open tournament in Bihar, India, Thomas Lawrence and Balachandran Dandapani are away on vacation. They should give the competition a lot of pep on their return.
Anurag Chanda Beat Derek DSouza 25-8, 22-16;  Anurag Chanda Lost to Dinesh Shetty 5-25, 16-10,7-12;  Anurag Chanda Beat Madhukar Kelkar 25-11, 25-10;  Anurag Chanda Beat Sanjeevan Selladurai 25-0, 18-12;  Derek DSouza Lost to Shad Ahmed 15-18, 0-25;  Derrick Silveira Lost to Dinesh Shetty 19-20, 13-25;  Derrick Silveira Beat Sanjeevan Selladurai 21-6, 21-15;  Dinesh Shetty Lost to Elango Pandian 12-21, 15-24;  Dinesh Shetty Beat Mohan Das 17-10, 25-3;  Dinesh Shetty Lost to Sanjeevan Selladurai 25-16, 11-25,18-22;  Dinesh Shetty Lost to Shad Ahmed 4-25, 1-25;  Elango Pandian Beat Madhukar Kelkar 19-9, 19-17;  Elango Pandian Beat Sylvester DSouza 24-12, 22-7;  Mohan Das Lost to Shad Ahmed 6-24, 1-25;  Mohan Das Beat Sylvester DSouza 25-10, 21-13
Shad Takes Early Lead