Carrom Canada to 
Showcase Carrom at 
Toronto South Asian Festival
   Canada Carrom Association has been invited by the Harbour Front Centre to promote Asia's most popular board game at the South Asia Festival this coming weekend - July 5th and 6th. The ever popular festival which draws over 100,000 people will have a tent specially setup to popularize this sport.  
   Team Canada has already set it's mark in international competitions.  In the 2012 World Cup held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Canada finished 4th.  16 countries participated in this highly competitive event.  Last year in the "Champion of Champions" Trophy held in New Delhi, India,  our Canadian players finished 5th and 9th. This year the World Cup is being held in Male, Maldives in September. Canada has confirmed their men's team and are looking forward to fielding a women team too.
     During this festival, Carrom Canada representatives will be presenting techniques in playing carrom and information to players who are interested in joining practices all over Ontario.  Mini competitions will be held to encourage the fast growing sport in Canada. 
   Tournament daily schedules: 
Saturday, July 5:
Interactive Talk and Demonstration 1-2pm.  Competition #1 - 2-3pm.  Competition #2 - 3-4pm. Interactive Talk and Demonstration 5-6pm. Competition #1 - 6-7pm. Competition #2 - 7-8pm. 
Sunday, July 6:
Interactive Talk and Demonstration 1-2pm. Competition #1 - 2-3pm. Competition #2 - 3-4pm. Competition #3 - 5-6pm.
   Table space is limited.  Please sign up an hour before the competition.
   Please note that its FREE and no charges apply for joining competitions or training sessions.  The venue: Brigantine Tent, 235 Queens Quay West.   
​   For further info you may reach Francis @ 416-880-0928 or visit    
Harbour Front Centre