Random Doubles 
at Konkan Delite

Mississauga Carrom Club in conjunction with Carrom Canada will hold a promotional random doubles tournament and a Women Doubles Tournament, on Sunday the 7th of June at the Konkan Delite Restaurant in Mississauga. 

The event will commence at 10.30 am.
Venue: 3181 Wolfedale Rd, Mississauga, ON L5C 1W1.  
There is NO ENTRY FEE.

Please contact Shad Ahmed - 647-981-0435, Sylvester D'Souza - 416-606-6397 or Derek D'Souza at 905-782-8366
Dinesh and Conrad Win 
    Dinesh Shetty playing champagne carrom throughout the tournament won the random doubles tournament, played at the Konkan Delite Restaurant in Mississauga. The tournament was organized by the Mississauga Carrom Club. In the finals, Dinesh and Conrad 
Fernandes defeated Shad Ahmed and Romlus DaSilva 23-12 in 8 boards. Shad and Derrick Silveira also had an excellent tournament, they both along with Dinesh squandered out on slams missing out on easy finishes, after making excellent openings to setup the slams.
    5 rounds of preliminary matches were played. The computer generated partners based on their performances and quite a few matches resulted into nail biting finishes. Adil Mohammed, a 20 year old find who has been introduced and trained into playing carrom a few months ago, produced exciting plays. Adil, in a short span of time, has already created an impact and very soon with some experience, should be an asset to Carrom Canada. Another player originating from Pakistan and adapting to the new rules and playing surface, Rehan Nayyer played superbly.
    In the semis- Dinesh & Romlus DaSilva beat Derrick Silveira & Tony D’Souza 25-7; and Shad Ahmed
 & Conrad Fernandes beat Adil Mohammed & Neil Sequeira 26-5. 
    There were 3 Canadian Centuries registered during the tournament, which stated that the standard of 
play has improved tremendously. The centuries were as follows:
                      White: Conrad Fernandes 2, Elango Pandian 7Q versus Vincent Miranda and Derrick Silveira.
                      Black: Mohandas Vellusamy 2, Dinesh Shetty 7Q versus Thomas Lawrence and Rehan Nayyer.
                      Black: Derrick Silveira 7, Romlus DaSilva versus Madhukar Kelkar and Sylvester D’Souza.
    Dinesh Shetty also won the best new player of the tournament.
​    Owner and Chef of Konkan Delite Restaurant, Loy D’Souza, was a gracious host as usual and this time the players could eat and drink without any tabs kept; and settled their checks after the tournament, on an honor system. This was an amazing gesture shown by Loy. Carrom Canada appreciate his trust towards our players.
    Selwyn Colaco, President of GOA was the Chief Guest and presented the winners with the awards. Selwyn announced that GOA, a major ethnic group in Ontario, with Carrom Canada will conduct 2 events this year. One will be held in August and the other in September. This will be a major boost for Carrom Canada as GOA draws over 1,000 members and guests for their events.

    The tournament saw some new faces and also experienced some notable absentees in the knock-out stages. World Cup player Mohandas Velusamy, Mississauga Open Singles Champion David Gonsalves and Sylvester D’Souza, who had previously won a few doubles events, failed to qualify into the knock-out phase.
    In the quarter finals, Dinesh & Adil easily beat Rehan Nayyer & Desmond Silveira 25-0; Shad & Tony D’Souza defeated Derek D’Souza & Diogo Fernandes 25-5; Neil Sequeira & Romlus DaSilva brushed past Madhukar Kelkar & Tino Pinto 19-17; and Derrick Silveira & Conrad Fernandes beat Elango Pandian & Thomas Lawrence 21-14.
Dinesh and Conrad Win