Great News for Carrom Canada - Air India to visit Canada
The star studded Air India Carrom team confirmed their travel to Canada to play a series of Test matches with Team Canada.  "The dates have not been finalized and hopefully they will be here in the next couple of months. We are in touch with Mr.Guha their AGM" commented Francis D'Costa, president Carrom Canada.  "We will also extend our invitation to our neighbours and colleagues the USA team, to join us in a triangular series." added Francis. "This will be a great boost for Carrom in North American" said Shad Ahmed, NSC Chairman.
International Events in Canada   
Due to unavailability of some USA players, the Canada versus USA 2nd Test series will be postponed.

Carrom Canada is also expecting the star studded Air India Team to visit them soon. Arun Deshpande a renown carrom player and presently the coach for the Indian team will be in Canada in May. Expect some coaching sessions with the great.

Carrom Canada  are also considering an International event in May 2014. Invitations will be sent to some players in India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, USA and Europe.
USA to participate in the triangular competition
​   A strong USA Carrom team will also participate in the singles, doubles and team event, along with the star studded Air India Carrom team in April. This was confirmed by their Secretary Atul Bhave.
   7 times USA open champion Saravanan Babu (Cleveland) is excited about this event, so also current 6th place finisher in the recently concluded Champion of Champions tournament in New Delhi, Dr. Sivaram Gowdagere (Houston).
  "This is great news for carrom" said Jayadev Suryadevara, a member of the USA World Cup team.
  Expected to make the team are Vishal Karangutkar, Neil Khatu, Shekar Challa, Sridhar Galipelli, Atul Kharecha & Atul Bhave, some of the top performers in the US open in September 2013.
Air India Carrom Team Delays visit to Canada
Due to Formalities
   The star studded Air India Carrom team confirmed their travel to Canada to play a series of Test matches with Team Canada.
   The 8 member contingent comprising of 6 players and 2 officials will provide goodwill to Canada Carrom Association and help immensely to promote the sport here in Canada and USA.
   "I am excited to travel to Canada and promote this game which is played over 50 million people worldwide. I am also thankful to Mr.Francis D'Costa who is bending over backwards to make Canada 'a force to reckon with' in the world circuit. I know Canada performed well in the world cup and in the recent Champions Trophy and we will not take them lightly" said an excited Shekhar Guha the manager who will be accompanying the team.
   The team is as follows:
1. A. Maria Irudayam  - World Champion and 9 time National Champion
2. M. Nataraj  - World Champion and former National Champion
3. R. M.Shankara  - World Champion and former National Champion
4. E. Magimairaj  - Former National Champion
5. D. Shembekar  - National Level Player
6. R. Waghpanje  - National Level Player
​   "I am glad Shekhar Guha, Air India and SK Sharma, ICF share the same ideology of popularizing this sport. Their support is greatly appreciated" commented Francis D'Costa, President, Canada Carrom Association.
   Carrom Canada is always looking for players who can make a positive influence to the organization. Anyone interested in joining as a player or an organizer can email Francis: [email protected].  
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